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Murobo Control Center is a modern, feature rich control software for Grbl based CNC machines. Fullscreen touch controls allow the Murobo Control Center to be utilized as the software for a dedicated control panel. Traditional keyboard and mouse inputs are also supported, for the best of both worlds.


  • Touchscreen enabled with embedded onscreen keyboard
  • 6 Axis DRO and control (requires grbl-Mega-5X)
  • Support for DRO display in work and machine coordinates
  • Single axis and ALL axis zeroing
  • Standard Homing, Reset, and Clear Alarm buttons
  • Real-time control of Mist and Flood
  • Switch between Millimeter and Inch inputs
  • Return to Zero
  • Work coordinate selection
  • M01 Conditional Breaking
  • Realtime display of current feedrate and spindle RPM
  • Push-button jogging controls
  • Gamepad jogging (Logitech Gamepad F310)
  • Feed override control
  • Speed override control
  • Spindle RPM, direction, and on/off control
  • MDI command sending
  • Console activity window
  • Run From Here
  • Block Editing


  • 3D perspective cut path visualization
  • 2D orthographic visualization on X, Y, Z axis
  • Cut path coloring by solid color, Z depth, and power/RPM
  • Realtime display of work and machine coordinates tracked to mouse position
  • Visualization of machine origin and axis
  • Visualization of work origin and axis
  • Visualization of realtime synced tool position


  • 4 corner XYZ probing
  • 4 corner XY probing
  • 4 side XY probing
  • center hole probing
  • Z probing
  • Probing offset rotations

Tool Changes

  • Support for tool changes with tool length offset measuring hardware.


  • Display real-time feed from attached camera in UI


  • Conversational facing with 3 cut strategies (X Lines, Y Lines, Spiral)

Tool Manager

  • Persistent tool manager for use with conversational and probing operations

Web Interface

  • View live camera feed via web interface
  • Stop the program via web interface


  • Display and manually set machine offsets for G28, G30, G54-G59, G92
  • Display and manually set tool length offset


  • Support for JavaScript embedded in gcode files
  • JavaScript support for implementing custom M codes
  • JavaScript support for machine state reading and control
  • JavaScript support for storing and retrieving persistent values in application database
  • JavaScript support for retrieving user input via UI windows

Download Trial

Download an alpha pre-release trial version of Murobo Control Center. This is full featured but time limited trial that expires on August 1, 2022.

Murobo Control Center 2022A for Microsoft Windows (64-bit)


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